The best classical kazoo covers

Never mind cellos and violins, allow us to introduce your new favourite instrument: the most magnificent of membranophones, otherwise known as the kazoo.

Kazoo Concerto

Formal concert wear? Check. Full orchestra? Check. Indulgent improvisatory cadenza-style section in the middle? Of course. Composed by Robert Hirsch, this really has all the elements of a full-blown instrumental concerto. Except there are three soloists. And they're all playing kazoos. Don't expect to see this at the Royal Albert Hall any time soon.

Kazoo Flight of the Bumblebee

Whatever your opinion of the humble kazoo, this is some serious virtuoso playing right here. We're not sure what prompted this bizarre video, but we're certain Flight of the Bumblebee has never sounded (or looked) so sinister.

Kazoo world record attempt

Never mind 'flight of the bumblebee': this sounds like an entire swarm. On the one hand, it's an admirable world record attempt for the largest ever kazoo orchestra. On the other, we've no idea what they're trying to play.


Combining the most neglected instruments into one ultimate super-instrument, the clue's in the name with this one: a kazoo, with a keyboard. Attached to a ukulele. And why not? Well, you'll see why not. This guy later went on Britain's Got Talent. He did not win.

Kazoo dancing

It may have only been filmed on a tiny phone camera, but it's still enough to capture this bunch of teenagers performing Mozart. If you get fed up of the wildly irritating buzzing, just press mute and watch the lady in white. Genius.


Kazoo takes on Beethoven

If a lone kazoo isn't enough to turn you on to this most awesome of instruments, how about a multi-tracked, auto-tuned kazooist performing Beethoven's epic Symphony No. 5. Complete with beat boxing. It's certainly a niche.



Not ones to let negative stereotypes get them down, these  plucky 'kazoophonists' prove they've still got a sense of humour with this self-deprecating video. And they play a mean William Tell using only their cheeks.

Kazoo choir

Beethoven's most famous piece, a touch of the Hallelujah chorus, a bit of the Can Can, and some William Tell thrown in, all performed by a choir of adorable kids. There's so many incredible ingredients to this cute choral kazoo concerto, you'd better learn the lyrics: you'll be singing along before you know it.

Kazoo theme tune

If you're looking for crazy bitonal arrangements of one of Verdi's most rousing marches, you've come to the right place. Not sure the TED talks will be replacing their original theme tune this kazoo-fuelled catastrophe any time soon.