6 videos that prove Bobby McFerrin is a classical music jukebox

11 March 2015, 11:50 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

It's Bobby McFerrin's birthday, so it's the perfect time to marvel at his superhuman voice and the many times he's applied to it to classical music.

Ave Maria

You cannot not sing along to this. How does he even do it?!


Bach Violin Partita

A decidedly funky version of a baroque classic.


Super-high Chopin

Bobby nailing a top F-sharp there, tossed out like it's absolutely nothing.


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

It's a far-reaching exploration of the string quartet medium and the many ways in which we can hear Mozart, but this video is worth it for the 'tuning the microphone' gag alone. Never gets old.


Vivaldi double concerto

Proving he can blend his voice perfectly with any instrument, Bobby provides a sensitive counterpoint in this Vivaldi double-header.


The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

OK theory geeks, it's time to get to know the pentatonic scale. This is hugely entertaining (and educational).