The new Mission: Impossible movie features a bass flute that turns into a sniper rifle

12 August 2015, 15:46 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation features a lengthy scene at the Vienna Opera, during which an unlikely murder weapon is unveiled. It’s a flippin’ bass flute.

So, first of all, we approve of this setting

There’s a rollicking performance of Puccini’s Turandot going on, as you can see:


Tom Cruise is looking for a spy or an assassin or something

Pah, just like usual, eh Tom? Look at him casually meandering around backstage like he chuffing owns the place before spotting a suspect flautist in the distance:

But there’s a nasty surprise in this flautist’s case…

NO CORK GREASE! Kidding. It’s a gun made out of a bass flute. Look, bullets! 

The assassin has his directions

Shoot someone on the final note of Nessun Dorma. We’d have gone for the the B rather than the A, but whatever. 

Time for someone to meet a sticky end...

Seriously. Need to get one of these. It'll make rehearsals so much better. "Oh, you want fortissimo, do you?" etc etc.

But Tom Cruise jumps in and messes it all up

And then gets into a hilarious fight where the bass flute/gun becomes a terrifying strangly weapon. 

Watch the whole thing (with commentary) here:

All pics via New York Times YouTube