A violinist plays incredible Paganini while hula-hooping. What did you do today?

2 November 2020, 15:24

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

One violinist and her hula hoop, in a galvanising display of gymnastics and musicianship.

When times are hard, musicians somehow manage to be a constant source of joy and wonder.

German violinist Caroline Adomeit posted a video to Facebook (watch above) in which she plays a passage of Paganini, while recording on loop pedal and spinning a hula-hoop around her waist.

Just imagine being able to play left-hand pizzicato full-stop – LET ALONE simultaneously and successfully keeping a hula hoop in flight.

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Violinist plays Paganini while hula-hooping
Some impressive hula-hooping. Picture: Caroline Adomeit

The wondrous marriage that is Paganini and hula hooping was inspired by a video from TwoSetViolin in which Brett and Eddy are joined by virtuoso violinist Hilary Hahn, who absolutely whooped them at the now-viral concert challenge.

Caroline, who has more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, captioned her post: “As these are quite challenging times, I hope this little loop encore is entertaining to you the Paganini way.”

We bow down to Caroline’s pizzicato, and hooping, skills.

If you want to see more Paganini and hooping, or just more wonderful violin videos, you can donate to Caroline’s Patreon page here.