Confused cat steps on piano, has a meltdown as paws hit the keys

30 June 2020, 12:02 | Updated: 1 July 2020, 13:57

Confused cat panics as it steps on piano
Confused cat panics as it steps on piano. Picture: TikTok

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Catto steps on piano keys, has a panic, creates new experimental work. This is a TikTok tail to remember.

For many music-loving humans, the first time you play an instrument can be an electrifying experience, one that stays with you throughout your life.

Cats, it seems, have a different relationship with music.

A viral TikTok video, liked by 1.2 million people on the social media platform, shows a lovely ginger cat stepping down – gingerly, of course – from the top of its owner’s upright piano and briefly resting on the music stand, before descending onto the keys.

Then – calamity strikes (watch below).

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Alarmed cat struggles to jump off piano as he gets scared when paws hit keys

The furry creature, panicked by the sound, becomes hiss-terical and starts flitting from left to right, as it tries to find a place on the instrument that doesn’t make a noise.

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There’ll be no cat-certos for this poor moggy, then.

Purr-haps it detected an out-of-tune note or two on the piano…