This luthier is turning the interior of guitars into exquisite miniature worlds

14 July 2021, 20:31 | Updated: 14 July 2021, 21:47

Daisy Tempest guitar creations
Daisy Tempest guitar creations. Picture: Tempest Guitars

By Kyle Macdonald

Drop a camera into a musical instrument, and find a world of beauty and imagination...

You’ve probably seen this meme flying around the Internet over the last few years. It hits that sweet-spot, showcasing the timeless beauty of musical instruments, whilst making a very apt commentary on the price of property prices these days...

Guitar meme
Guitar meme. Picture:

Apart from bringing a chuckle, the picture does showcase the intense beauty of the inside of a guitar, when a small camera and light are dropped down into the instrument’s sound hole.

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British guitarist and luthier Daisy Tempest is very well acquainted with the craft and beauty of these instruments. She decided to take matters one step further, and we wholeheartedly approve.

Using the instruments she works on in her workshop, Tempest Guitars, Daisy emulated that interior view, but added a bit more miniature decor to the scene. Thus, the interior of an acoustic guitar was transformed into some very stylish scenes.

With the addition of a Matisse masterpiece and a few art-loving figures, a guitar becomes a sparse yet sophisticated art gallery.

And on the grittier side, this instrument is transformed into an inner-city skatepark.

And here, you might drop your pick into a beautiful, high ceilinged recording studio, drum kit and all.

Daisy told us: “I’m constantly ensuring the quality of my instruments is to the highest standard possible, and a lot of love goes into the parts of the guitar that you don’t even see - especially elements that contribute ergonomically and sonically.”

“To emphasise the dedication to every part being thoughtfully made I wanted create conceptual worlds within my work that encapsulate the idea of ‘inside and out’ beauty. I also collaborated on one with my friend Chris, who is a pro skateboarder and talented woodworker in his spare time.”

“We have chatted before about the similarities in our crafts, skating and woodworking; the discipline, precision, dedication involved are the same. It’s an opportunity for me also to cross-pollinate worlds and touch upon things outside my direct industry, pushing my ideas and therefore my work forward,” she said.

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