Lizzo taught David Letterman the flute, and now I want Lizzo as my music teacher

19 October 2020, 16:34 | Updated: 21 October 2020, 10:34

Lizzo shows off playing her flute

By Rosie Pentreath

Can I go next, Ms Lizzo?

Lizzo is going to be on the new series of David Letterman’s Netflix show.

And in a My Next Guest Needs No Introduction sneak peek, she attempts to teach the iconic TV host the flute (see above). You know when someone asks to “have a go” and you hand them your beloved flute, repress an eye-roll and expect them to blow air into a barely-audible fuzz like everyone else has done before them?

Yeah, well not David.

No. Letterman comes in, all confidence (“you got this!”, Lizzo intones encouragingly) and after a rudimentary very-first-time-tone, lines the flute up – he’s on Lizzo’s glamorous Blue Ivy while Lizzo keeps a safe hold of Sasha – and blows a lovely clear note.

“No one can really do this!” Lizzo exclaims.

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“No one can really do this!” Lizzo teaches David Letterman the flute.
“No one can really do this!” Lizzo teaches David Letterman the flute. Picture: Netflix / YouTube

Pretty good for a first toot. Then, he puts Blue Ivy down and plays an even smoother tone on only his expertly cupped hand. ONLY his expertly cupped hand.

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“Can you accompany me on Sasha.” He, Lizzo and Sasha proceed to play a solid harmony, which turns into a jaunty allusion to ‘Jingle Bells’.

Pretty mind-blowing. Thank you, David. And thank you queens Sasha and Lizzo.

They said Christmas is coming early this year but we had no idea…