This guy tried to get actual flames to shoot out of his ACTUAL FLUTE

25 January 2018, 21:50 | Updated: 25 January 2018, 22:01

The YouTubers of 'The Flute Channel' attempted to recreate the fiery woodwind moment from the film Anchorman

It's one of the finest musical moments in cinema – when Ron Burgundy, in the 2004 Anchorman, takes to the stage and performs some epic jazz flute. 

The moment comes complete with some jazzy flute fireworks from Will Ferrell (as the titular news reader).

Here's Ron 'taking that bass for a walk' – and standby for fluty-fire at 2'30"

That's right, fire out of the bottom of the flute. 

But can this amazingness exist in real life? Our friends over at The Flute Channel were in a myth-busting mood, and thought they'd give it a try.

Safety first, guys. But let's see how they got on...

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