This contrabass flute is seriously the spookiest thing you've ever heard

23 February 2018, 14:56

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

A fujara is (wait for it…) a large Slovak folk shepherd’s overtone fipple flute. Still not sure what it is?

Here’s a bit more detail: the fujara is essentially a large woodwind instrument, in the same family as the recorder and the tabor pipe. It looks like a contrabass recorder, and it can also be called a ‘contrabass tabor pipe’. 

The fujara is played in this clip by its creator: Winne Clement. He produces an astonishingly hypnotic sound on the instrument, simply by blowing into the mouthpiece and using the finger holes to change notes.

Winne makes a range of flutes, namely Kavals, which are open tube instruments played with a fipple mouthpiece – which is this part on a recorder.

Fipple on recorder

To find out more about the fujara – and for more spook-tastic performance videos – have a look at Winne’s website and YouTube channel!