Busker plays the FLUTE while hanging upside down from a tree

22 January 2019, 15:28

By Sofia Rizzi

Watch as this flautist takes his performance to the next level by hanging upside down... from a tree.

When it comes to street performers, you might think you’ve seen it all. But now, one man in Brooklyn, New York has re-defined the art of busking.

Last week a passer-by captured video footage of the man, hanging upside down playing the flute. He appears to be suspended from a tree using only ropes as he combines an acrobatic display with equally impressive flute playing.

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The passer-by said: “This man was performing this ‘routine’ while listening to headphones on a busy street in Brooklyn.”

He appeared to be wearing the headphones to provide musical accompaniment for his playing.

Bravo, upside down flute man – we’re very impressed.