The 10 worst things about playing the flute

5 December 2017, 17:26

Flautists (or whatever the right word is), we feel your pain, but no amount of Jethro Tull will help you. Here are the 10 worst things about playing your chosen instrument…

1. No-one knows what to call you

Flautist? Flutist? Fluter? Flutation device? Ah, forget it...

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2. Everyone thinks you're basically a recorder

Not even Katy Perry knows the difference. 


3. You just cannot compete with volume

Thanks, everyone, for completely drowning out everything we're playing.

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4. Unless you brought your piccolo with you

In which case, the opposite is true. Protect your eardrums, people - it's time to go ultrasonic.



5. People are under the impression it's one of the easiest instruments to play

Beginners are encouraged to 'graduate' from the recorder to the flute. How different can they be? Surely you just blow in the end and waggle your fingers?

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6. You are synonymous with jazz flute

Sorry, 'yazz' flute. As soon as someone hears you're a flute dabbler, they'll ask you if you can do this:


7. Arm fatigue

Weirdly, holding a relatively light instrument to your mouth for long periods of time absolutely kills. Try to improvise a way to get around mundane tasks, so you can rest your poor afflicted arms.

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8. The closest you get to rock 'n' roll is Jethro Tull

And, frankly, the less said about it the better. Put your leg down, Ian, for goodness' sake.


9. Spit leaks

When you finally lower your instrument, it's flob city for whoever's unfortunate enough to be sitting on your left.


10. Proximity to fellow flutes

A concert band section-worth of flutes all raising their instruments at the same time can result in serious injury. Maybe there's another solution?

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