This cello and piano duo are basically turning pop songs into Romantic cello sonatas

25 June 2015, 14:57 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

The Brooklyn Duo are making a big splash on social media with their cello and piano reworkings of massive hits from the pop and rock world. They're husband and wife, too, so that's nice. It's definitely our new favourite thing - and we thought you'd like it.

Cello and piano makes the new One Direction song sound like Shostakovich

Quintet, becomes quartet, becomes duo. Is there something of the angsty Russian master in those pounding piano chords and soaring modal cello line? 


Cello and piano makes Ed Sheeran sound like Brahms

An elegant duet to turn the British singer/songwriter's single Photograph into an expansive Brahmsian adagio. Next up, Nickleback’s song of the same title, please and thank you.


ED SHEERAN on cello and piano! "Photograph", performed live by Brooklyn Duo. #edsheeran #brooklynduo #photographiTunes Link:

Posted by Brooklyn Duo on Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Cello and piano makes Taylor Swift sound like a Schumann Fantasie

Next up, Taylor Swift's new epic fight anthem, Bad Blood. And we're loving that early romantic fantasy we can catch there at times. Pro tip from us, yelling out 'hey' won't really work at Wigmore Hall. One day, maybe.



Taylor Swift on cello and piano! "Bad Blood", performed live by Brooklyn Duo.iTunes Link:

Posted by Brooklyn Duoon Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Cello and piano makes Metallica sound like Rachmaninov 

Classic heavy metal ballad, anyone? Marnie roars into some epic lines while getting very familiar with the lowest octave of her piano in this rendition of Nothing Else Matters, but Patrick gets the best part here: those glissandi may break the Rachmaninov spell, but they do sound pretty cool.

METALLICA on piano and cello. "Nothing Else Matters", performed live by Brooklyn Duo.iTunes Link:

Posted by Brooklyn Duo on Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Cello and piano makes Adele sound like a weepy Einaudi cello sonata

Someone Like You, the break-up anthem of the decade, gets appropriate treatment from that most tear-jerking of all instruments, the cello. And there are arpeggios too. No, no, it's just a bit of rosin in our eye...


#tbt to one of our favorite songs of all time: "Someone Like You", performed live on cello and piano.It's on iTunes too: Music:

Posted by Brooklyn Duo on Thursday, 30 April 2015

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