28 classical music memes that will completely define your life

17 October 2019, 17:20 | Updated: 17 October 2019, 17:30

Do you feel all weird and woozy when you hear a chord cluster? Does the very thought of a perfect cadence make you melt? Then you’ll love these super-geeky classical music memes.

1. A truer meme never existed

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2. Brass lolz

Tubas sheep meme


3. Eric loves a chord cluster

Eric Whitacre meme

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4. When you sing you begin with Do Re Mi…

music theory nerds meme


5. Don’t feel bad, Mozart procrastinated too

Mozart procrastinated meme

6. When composers ask a *little* too much of you

Finger six meme

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7. Boromir always knows best

Boromir meme


8. Pizza + cat = any string player’s dream

pizzacato meme


9. Just some sheet music, keeping things real

life going nowhere meme


10. Gold star for you if you can translate this VERY cryptic code

cabbage meme


11. Why you haydn, Joseph?

Haydn joke


12. This... thing that literally doesn’t make any sense

orchestra school exam paper meme


13. When your name sounds a *little* too much like a piece of airport baggage

Bad joke eel Karajan meme


14. When you play this beautiful Italian string instrument, but society refuses to recognise you 

cello player meme


15. Because any self-respecting musician knows that for every circle, you’re 1% more likely to actually play the damn dynamic this time

pencil circling meme


16. This doggo, repping our constant need for a sensible time signature

dog chord meme

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17. This glorious Christmas present

Hosanna in excel sheets

(via Tom Craine)

18. Because darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter

under the c meme

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19. When your instrument literally stops you living life as a normal human being

social life practice meme


20. Just some millennials, ruining classical music for everyone. Ugh.

cello hashtag meme

(via Marian Call

21. When bae’s in a weird mood

mixed signals meme

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22. When literally anything is more appealing than playing endless chromatic scales

desperately need to practise meme

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23. When sometimes, you’ve got to get your whole body involved

foot chord meme


24. When you’ve always wondered what The Terminator does for his day job, then it finally hits you

aisle b Bach arnie meme


25. When you have a concert tomorrow, everything you play sounds rubbish and you might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Practise without crying meme


26. This extremely useful guide, which you won’t be able to unhear

time signatures meme


27. This scary white van man, who you probs don’t want to mess with

White van Bach meme


28. Oh, and there’s the genius who made this

Bach chicken meme

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