Classical music has been meme-ing inauguration Bernie Sanders and it’s perfect

22 January 2021, 10:51 | Updated: 22 January 2021, 11:43

Lady Gaga performs the national anthem at Joe Biden's inauguration

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Never let a musician loose on the Internet. They will see the opportunity for a meme, and run with it to world’s end…

20 January was a historic day around the world, marking for many a new dawn for America, and a hopeful moment of coming-together.

It was also the day that Vermont senator and former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, once again became a viral meme.

Sanders, trying to keep warm on a chilly Inauguration Day at Capitol Hill, came prepared in an old reliable coat and cosy mittens. ICYMI, here’s the original photo:

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The original Bernie Sanders inauguration photo
The original Bernie Sanders inauguration photo. Picture: Getty

And it was then that the world’s musicians, watching on their screens at home, trapped indoors and desperate for an outlet to unleash their creativity, saw ‘Bundled Up Bernie’ – and knew just what to do.

From bored timpanist to grouchy conductor, here are the best classical music takes on the viral inauguration meme. Drum roll please…

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  1. Bernie as... a bored timpanist

  2. Bernie as... a funk drummer

  3. Bernie as... a music-lover missing concerts

  4. Bernie as... a bored tuba player in Dvořák’s ‘New World’ Symphony

    Bernie as... a bored tuba player in the New World Symphony
    Picture: Social media
  5. Bernie as... a grouchy music director

  6. Bernie as... the kid from Whiplash

  7. Bernie as... an opera-lover waiting for theatres to reopen

  8. Bernie as... a Gaga stan

  9. Bernie as... an intimidating adjudicator

    Bernie as an adjudicator
    Picture: Social media
  10. Bernie as... a highly focused member of the percussion section

  11. And finally, Bernie as... a very weary trombonist

Bravo, all.