What do you get if you mix woodwind instruments with helium? The best videos on the internet.

15 February 2019, 17:10

By Lizzie Davis

What happens when a woodwind player inhales helium and then plays some Mozart? These absolute superstars of the music world gave it a go…

Recently, there's been something of a trend online for musicians inhaling helium before playing famous pieces. Because helium is lighter than air, the sound waves travel through it faster, with hilarious consequences when there's a voice box or instrument involved.

Here are some of our favourite videos.

A choral singer inhaled some helium and hit the high C in Allegri’s Miserere >

We should point out doctors don't recommend inhaling helium. In sufficient quantities it can have adverse affects on health and has on occasion caused death. 

Mozart's Oboe Concerto on helium

Here's oboist Johan Ferreira playing some Mozart… with the help of some balloons

Bassoon Concerto with added helium


And finally, here's some clarinet with helium