Five emotional moments to remind you of the raw power of live music

20 October 2020, 14:58

Live music Month with Viking, on Classic FM
Live music Month with Viking, on Classic FM. Picture: Classic FM / Viking

By Kyle Macdonald

The magic of live music in its wonderful, transformative glory, on Live Music Month.

We all know of music’s ability to move and inspire us. And for Live Music Month on Classic FM, we thought we’d share a few little moments when the raw power of live performance shines though.

  1. The young boy who exclaimed ‘wow’ in a live concert

    At a 2018 concert in Boston, the Handel and Haydn Society had just finished a performance of Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music.

    After a brief moment of silence, a child in the audience suddenly exclaimed, ‘Wow!’. The awe in his voice made the whole audience and ensemble erupt into laughter and applause. It reminds us all of the raw power of music, experienced live.

  2. A private concert for the person who missed the main event

    This is a beautiful story. Seth Low, cellist in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, discovered that a security guard loved the music of film maestro, John Williams, but wasn't able to attend the concert as she was having to work behind the scenes, keeping people safe.

    So the cellist got out his instrument and played for her. And thankfully, a photographer was there to capture the moment...

    Cello concert from a Baltimore Symphony musician
    Cello concert from a Baltimore Symphony musician. Picture: Facebook / Baltimore Symphony Musicians
  3. A beautiful note from a neighbour

    A music-loving neighbour gently slipped this note to the pianist next door. Proof that there might always be an appreciative audience, even if you don't know it. Heartwarming.

    Humble request for Liszt
    Humble request for Liszt. Picture: Social media
  4. A first encounter with a violin

    A mother has posted this adorable video of her 11-month-old boy entranced by a violinist playing. Here was his reaction.

    Maybe we all secretly feel drawn to live music this way? We like to think so.

    A baby’s reaction to hearing a violin for the first time… ❤️🎻 (📹 Rachel Griffin)

    Posted by Classic FM on Thursday, 25 April 2019
  5. A neighbourly concert

    Another moment that says it all. In 2020, when we have to look out for each other more than ever before, the gift of live music, is a gift of love.

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