Dr Classic at the Classic FM Clinic

Need some lively, caffeinated music for that morning kick-start? Which symphony should I start with? What classical CD should I buy to impress my fussy in-law? If you've got a burning musical question, the doctor will see you now!

Dr Classic is Classic FM's musical doctor, who provides advice to soothe your musical aliments and guide your journey to full musical health.

Stressed? Dr Classic can help you find the best pieces of relaxing music. Studying? He'll suggest the right music to help you concentrate. Pieces to lull a baby, music for a romantic evening… Drawing on the riches of centuries of classical music, Dr Classic can find the right prescription to deliver you to full musical health.

So ask your musical questions in the comments section below or during one of his sessions in the Classic FM clinic.

Here's an example of a previous consultation with Dr Classic:

"Help, Dr Classic! I'm feeling heartbroken. My girlfriend has had to move to Dublin for work. For three months! I miss her terribly. I'm a student and I can't afford to go and see her. I can't stop thinking about how much I miss her. I need some music that speaks to my broken heart. Please, please help me. David"

Dear David - You need Puccini, and fast. Some impassioned, soaring arias and duets will help express and ease your heartache. I particularly prescribe La Boheme -  the story of young bohemians struggling in the Paris cold, will very much resonate with students today! Put on the arias and duet at the end of Act I (think Che gelid manna; Sì, Mi chiamano Mimì; O soave fanciulla…) - It's one of the most lyrical and emotional scenes in all opera, so turn it up loud and immerse yourself in Puccini's passionate world. I guarantee you'll find music which speaks of your heartache and soothes your raw emotions - and Puccini's wonderful music will also help pass the weeks until your girlfriend returns.

Dr Classic and the Classic FM clinic will be online to take all your musical health questions on our Facebook page on Friday afternoons. He will also respond to your needs in the comments below.