Classical music street art: 17 beautiful scenes to brighten your day

2 April 2020, 15:31 | Updated: 2 April 2020, 15:46

Incredible classical music street art
Incredible classical music street art. Picture: Classic FM

By Sian Moore

Here are some of the most incredible classical music-inspired artworks decorating the streets of the world today...

  1. A beautiful musical scene on the streets of San Francisco

  2. This incredible, eye-catching cello

  3. Beethoven on a street in Bonn, Germany.

  4. Take a seat beside Tchaikovsky in Klin, Russia

  5. Incredible art in Kaunas, Lithuania

    Street art in Kaunas, Lithuania.
    Street art in Kaunas, Lithuania. Picture: Classic FM
  6. This wonderfully artistic tower block mural

  7. If Mozart was born a cyborg...

    Mozart street art
    Mozart street art. Picture:
  8. A musical stairway in Mykonos, Greece

  9. This vivid musical mural on a building in Lisbon

  10. Musical drains = a symphony when it rains

  11. This vibrant piano wall

    Piano wall street art
    Piano wall street art. Picture:
  12. The famous ‘Music Wall’ in Minneapolis

  13. Step down some musical stairs in Valparaiso, Chile

  14. Piano crossings in Modesto, California

  15. A sculpture of pianist Arthur Rubinstein in Łódź, Poland

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    Sculpture of Arthur Rubinstein in Łódź, Poland

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  16. Colourful street art from Serbia

  17. A musician lived in this garden...