The greatest classical music-themed gifts you could buy your children

29 November 2019, 16:35 | Updated: 4 December 2019, 15:21

Christmas gifts for children
Christmas gifts for children. Picture: Instagram

It's the season for giving, and the most meaningful gifts are those that can last a lifetime. If you're looking for a present for a child this Christmas, here are a few classical-themed ideas that might also plant some special musical seeds in young minds.

  1. A charming music box

    Many gift shops have a selection of these quaint little music boxes, with a variety of classical and popular tunes on offer. In an era of streaming and instant access to music, it's funny how the charm of these cylinder remains ageless. It's also possible to create that long-term association between a favourite movie and musical themes, just as this Frozen chest does. Harry Potter also available.

    (Fun fact, the resonating metal comb is called a 'lamellae')

  2. A classical music book

    Books and quality time reading together are some of the greatest gifts. There are so many to choose from, but a book about music will place some powerful ideas in a young mind. The Musical Life of Gustav Mole is one of the best: it's a story of his discovery, his hard work, the difficult times, the occasional successes, but most of all his love of music and life-long friendships it creates.

  3. Any musical instrument of a toddler

    We're not talking Stradivaris or Steinways here, but if you're looking for a toy for a toddler, any musical instrument will engage and captivate a rapidly-growing mind. Harmonicas, xylophones and drums are all fantastic options what will promote physical and cognitive musical instincts. It's loud, we know, but hey, that tambourine might lead them to the percussion section of the London Symphony Orchestra.

  4. More books

    Because books are great! But remember a book does not have to be purely classical to plant those important musical and artistic seeds. When choosing a book, seek out stories that incorporate musical themes. Paddington at St Paul’s was Michael Bond's final book and it’s rich in charm and awe, but also has a great musical nod, with Paddington taking an unexpected (and starring) role in the Cathedral’s choir.

    Paddington at St Paul's Cathedral
    Paddington bear at St Paul's Cathedral. Picture: PA
  5. A floor piano

    Here’s a great way for kids to be active, burn energy, but also learn their scales! Later in the evening parents and grand parents can also recreate their favourite scene from Tom Hank's movie Big.

  6. A portable speaker with a recommended classical playlist

    Bulky CD players might increasingly be a thing of the past, but small bluetooth or smart speakers are a great, and often affordable, way to bring music into any room of the house. Your gift could be a portable speaker with your recommended or streaming-service curated playlist to match. This way classical music can be there at bath-time, bedtime and beyond (and it works on fur-babies too...).

Or, why not try something totally different?

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