19 classical music memes that only apply to self-professed choir nerds

11 September 2020, 16:39

Choir sings ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Rutter’ to ACTUAL John Rutter

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Choral geeks: these top-tier memes all apply to you. Read, and feel grateful for all those well-spent years as a back-row alto.

  1. My idea of a wholesome, loving relationship

    Couples' costume idea
    Couples' costume idea. Picture: Social media
  2. Trolling the alto section like...

    Sopranos vs altos
    Picture: Classic FM
  3. Literally every week

    Naughtiest thing
    Picture: Facebook/If Ye Love Memes
  4. Then when Eric gets aboard the meme train, and just kills it.

  5. Can you just get the right note pls guys

    Tenors meme
    Tenors meme. Picture: Social media
  6. This is 100% accurate.

    Choir starter pack
    Choir starter pack. Picture: @musicnotes
  7. Because 99% of sopranos have absolutely zero chill

    Sopranos. Picture: Social media
  8. People with perfect pitch ruining your life

    Perfect pitch
    Perfect pitch. Picture: anxiousviolinist
  9. Every rehearsal in the month of December be like...

    Hosanna in excel sheets
    Picture: Twitter/Tom Craine
  10. This meme will live forever.

    Cards against humanity
    Picture: trulyhorriblethings
  11. This is ME, how did you know

    Becoming a conductor
    Picture: Classic FM
  12. When terrible music puns are life

    A natural
    Picture: thesolopianist
  13. We’ve always got time for a juicy Whitacre chord cluster

    Eric Whitacre chord clusters
    Picture: Eric Whitacre
  14. Singing angelically 24/7 is hard OK guys??

    Picture: Facebook/Church Choir Memes
  15. Top memeage

    Gregorian chant
    Picture: Classic FM
  16. Well this is amazing.

    Choir as described by Harry Potter
    Picture: @musicnotes
  17. Back-row basses be like:

    People in choir be like
    Picture: Classic FM
  18. Glo-o-o-o-o-*collapses in exhaustion*

    Glo-o-oria. Picture: Social media
  19. Discuss.

    Tenors are just crunchy altos
    Picture: @noitspronouncedgif