20 signs you were a choir kid and LOVED IT

21 November 2017, 13:13

Choir Kid

By Amy MacKenzie

These are the tell-tale signs you were definitely once a choir kid (embrace it, we were the BEST).

1. Your only motivation for getting up for work in the morning is harmonising to the car radio


2. It doesn’t matter where you are, all of your impromptu performances are *always* on point

You’ve got to be prepared - you never know when the next time to shine will be. 


3. And you pick your karaoke songs based on the key they are in

Hello by Adele is a no-go-zone for most.

4. “I can’t, I have a rehearsal” was your life motto

But you had no regrets. Choir. Is. Life.

5. Every now and then you find yourself singing warm-ups in the shower


6. You’ve never been able to shake the habit of carrying a pencil with you everywhere you go

Because if you forgot one in rehearsal, you were stuffed (and you wouldn’t DREAM of marking your music in pen!)

7. Movies/TV shows about choirs are marmite

You either love them or hate them. 


8. You’re a bit of a technique snob

A part of you gets a little (OK, *very*) upset when you’re watching The X Factor or The Voice and the singers have horrible breath support, diction, vowels, etc…


9. There was always that one person that your section relied on, and if they got sick, you were doomed

(Kudos if this was you)

10. You’ll always think your section is the best

And you’re not afraid who knows it! When reminiscing with your friends, you can still identify the song, day, and year when the Sopranos were being a bit screechy, Alto IIs weren’t quite rounding out those low notes, and that rehearsal when it was clear it was definitely time for Tenor Tom to drop back to the bass section. 

11. There was always a bit of a competition to see who could go up the highest and lowest during a warm-up exercise

And you didn’t come here to be second best.


12. The practice rooms/choir room/music department was your home away from home

10am: “Where’s Sarah?” “Music department”

3pm: “Where’s Sarah?” “Music department”

7pm: “Where’s Sarah?” “Music department”

1am: “Where’s Sarah?” “Music department”

13. You had a musical crush on Eric Whitacre

His hair speaks for itself. 


14. Band kids were, are, and always will be your enemies

The rival between choir and band kids that you see on TV is painfully accurate. (The kids who were in both were also *the worst*)


15. Your most embarrassing moment was and always will be when you came in too early during that sectional solo


16. We all had a crush on a bass

Ooh, that voice. 


17. You lived for that look your conductor gave you after you nailed a piece

*grins like an idiot*


18. Losing your voice was a fate not even worth contemplating

If an instrumentalist gets sick, they can still play, but if a vocalist gets sick? Game over. 


19. Nobody laughs at your lame choir jokes

'Life’s a pitch and then you die, right guys? Guys?'

20. Some of your best high school memories are the fun trips you took

From local festivals to a tour of a random European country, that was when you truly became friends with your fellow choir kids.