Cardi B’s virtuoso pianist just stole the show at the Grammys – and Twitter is obsessed

12 February 2019, 15:03 | Updated: 12 February 2019, 15:06

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

We’ve found the true star of the Grammy Awards: Cardi B’s virtuoso pianist, composer and music education advocate, Chloe Flower.

Last night at the Grammy Awards, American rapper Cardi B performed ‘Money’ – but no one could take their eyes off her pianist.

Chloe Flower, a classically trained composer-pianist, opened the performance with some impressionistic broken chords, reminiscent of Ravel or Debussy, on Liberace’s crystal piano.

She then crafted the opening into a beautiful jazz melody, before concentrating on the bass end of the piano – creating the perfect level of drama to introduce Cardi to the stage.

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And Twitter went nuts for it:

Flower, born Chloe Won, scored the documentary A Ballerina’s Tale about the American ballet dancer Misty Copeland, and has been featured on songs with Timbaland, Nas and Celine Dion.

She regularly posts covers on Instagram, including a piano rendition of ‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar – which was remixed earlier this year by an opera singer.

But not only is she a magnificent pianist: since 2006, Flower has worked with The Somaly Mam Foundation and Organisation to save children from sex slavery. She also works with CAST LA towards ending human trafficking and global human rights violations, and was presented with a Creative Impact Award in 2013 for her work on The Flower Project – a music and arts initiative aimed at reintegrating arts education into schools, specifically in areas of poverty.

In a recent post, she said: “To all the parents, students, administrators, community members & local government officials, DEMAND MUSIC EDUCATION in your schools as part of the core curriculum. It is as important as math, science & sports!!!”

Now, the superstar is making waves once again after signing an exclusive record deal with Sony Music Masterworks.

Speaking about her exciting new partnership, Chloe explained: “It’s not only an honour to be part of the Sony family, but I couldn’t be more excited about the incredible team I’ll be working with. I waited many years to find the right home for my music and my sound, and it was certainly worth the wait!”

Chloe, you’re awesome.