27 pieces of classical music home decor that’ll make you an instant virtuoso

11 March 2020, 13:09 | Updated: 11 March 2020, 14:14

Make your flat look sharp
Make your flat look sharp. Picture: Social media

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Make your flat look sharp with these beautiful pieces of classical music-themed decor. Stare at them for long enough, and you’re basically practising.

  1. A beautiful upcycled piano

  2. The ultimate brassy centrepiece

    Upcycle your French horn
    Picture: Unconsumption
  3. How guitarist drink their wine...

  4. Cellists, take note.

  5. That wasn’t what I meant by ‘musical chairs’...

    Musical chair
    Picture: KraftsbyKy
  6. Brighten up your practice session with one of these

  7. Don’t look at the accidentals...

    Piano wall
    Piano wall. Picture: Seattle Opera/Marin Ciurcia
  8. Here lie the remains of a former piano.

    Piano table
    Picture: Social media
  9. Take care not to drop your tuba toothpaste down this

    Tuba sink
    Tuba sink. Picture: Reddit
  10. When brass players become pub landlords...

    Brass urinals
    Brass urinals. Picture: Peter Finan/Facebook
  11. Bach knows you haven’t been practising

  12. Lamp-sody in Blue

    Clarinet lamps
    Clarinet lamps. Picture: Instagram/sewchet
  13. Reading time

  14. When a pianist opens a cocktail bar

  15. Need a place to *rest* your drink?

  16. The perfect musical wake-up call

  17. A musician once lived here...

    Musical furniture
    Musical furniture. Picture: Social media
  18. Marks for comfort: 0. Points for creativity: 10.

  19. For when you can’t find the “key”...

  20. How drummers tell the time

  21. In good company...

  22. Having treble finding room for your instrument?

    Cello hanger
    Cello hanger. Picture: Social media
  23. Light up your practice room

    French horn chandelier
    French horn chandelier. Picture: Social media
  24. Bows > Bose

    Bows. Picture: Social media
  25. How to get a musician to ride a bike

  26. Dream big, envision that Steinway...

  27. Home goals.