10 sassy musical performance directions that sum up your life

7 March 2018, 18:14 | Updated: 8 March 2018, 16:48

These are the weirdest, most hilariously grumpy musical performance directions we could find. Just don’t ask us to play them...


angrily turn off metronome

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2. Seriously?

repeat forever meme

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3. Sure, who cares anymore?

seductive salad meme


4. Seems fine

too much wine meme


5. It’s not a real metronome marking without at least four decimal points

time signature meme


6. Who has time for them anyway?!

ignore conductor meme


7. Oh, sure

oboe between legs meme

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8. HAHAHA. Just let us know, yeah, violists?

viola needs help meme


9. OK, I'll try

without bitching meme

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10. Social media > normal interactions

Facebook picture meme