21 classical music cakes that are borderline iconic

12 August 2019, 10:30 | Updated: 12 August 2019, 10:36

Musical cakes
Musical cakes. Picture: Instagram

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

To celebrate a fresh batch of patisserie stars in the new series of The Great British Bake Off, here are some of the most outstanding musically decorated cakes we have ever seen. 10/10 to everyone involved.

  1. The King of pianos has never looked so delicious

  2. Quiz: Tell us your instrument, and we'll reveal what sort of cake you are

    How about this beautifully frosted number?

    Try as we may, our treble clefs will never look that good.

  3. If John Coltrane made cakes...

  4. When two musicians get married...

    … they make a piano masterpiece, like this layered beauty.

  5. If anyone has the number of this wedding cake genius, we're relying on you to pass it on.

  6. The most perfectly gilded cupcakes you've ever laid eyes on

  7. This is just ridiculous.

  8. As is this.

  9. Just a tiny saxophonist, in cake form

  10. Goodness.

  11. Happy birthday dear incredibly talented musician…

  12. Wedding cake goals.

  13. Imagine being served this at a restaurant…

  14. Someone make this for our birthday?

  15. The most beautiful yin and yang you’ll ever see


    Piano cello cake
    Piano cello cake. Picture: reddit/Anon
  16. Cake art at its finest

  17. Happiness is tiny, musical cupcakes.

  18. Everything is better in miniature

  19. Check out the detail on those strings...

  20. When your favourite piece is written into your food...

  21. Truly iconic.