From Spain to Eternity: Ensemble Plus Ultra

Stunningly beautiful vocal works from Renaissance Spain. John Suchet's Album of the Week, 19 May 2014.

Ensemble Plus Ultra is an extraordinarily gifted group of British singers, specialising in early music. 

Subtitled 'The Sacred Polyphony of El Greco's Toledo', their new album marks the 400th anniversary of the death of the painter El Greco and showcases composers such as Cristobal de Morales, Alonso Lobo and Alonso de Tejeda who were active in Toledo during the 37 years El Greco lived and worked in the city. It is probable that much of this music would have inspired the painter.

Particularly outstanding is the music of Morales, the most influential Spanish composer of his day. Almost all of his music is sacred, and all of it is vocal.

This is a varied program of stunningly beautiful vocal works. If you’re a fan of Allegri’s Miserere, you are going to love this.