A cellist played a private concert for a security guard and it’s too much for our hearts

12 August 2021, 16:55

Stairwell concert
Stairwell concert. Picture: Baltimore Symphony Musicians

By Kyle Macdonald

A private classical concert for the person who missed the main event. This is a beautiful story of the power of music.

One particular blockbuster concert of John Williams orchestral music a few years ago, was followed by another very special moment of music.

It might have been a smaller audience, but it still spoke to the raw power and magic of music.

In June 2018, the great movie music maestro took to the podium to conduct a concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It was a night of his own music at Baltimore’s Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

It must have been an incredible experience for all those in the hall that evening.

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However, as the musicians left the rapturous applause on stage, and descended a staircase to their changing rooms and lockers, it became clear that there was one music fan who hadn’t been able to hear the music that night.

A security guard had been on watch in the stairwell all evening, keeping people safe.

It became obvious she was a huge John Williams fan, and would have loved to have heard the music that evening.

With his white tie and tails still on, the orchestra’s cellist Seth Low decided to remedy the situation.

Leaning on the stairwell wall for support, Low played a private concert of John Williams themes for the special audience of one. Very fortunately, someone took a photo to capture the wonderful moment: a soloist hard at work, and a listener in a state of utter delight.

2,400 lucky people got to hear John Williams conduct a program of his music on Wednesday night. One who didn't was a...

Posted by Baltimore Symphony Musicians on Saturday, June 16, 2018

The post was shared by the Baltimore Symphony Musicians Facebook page.

“2,400 lucky people got to hear John Williams conduct a program of his music,” they said.

“One who didn’t was a security guard stationed in the stairwell leading to the musicians’ locker rooms. Seth Low gave her a mini-concert of Star Wars themes, much to her delight.”

After seeing the photos, one follower said: “this is the sweetest damn thing.”

Another commented, “That musician is a good guy, he gets a million gold stars. I love humans doing good things for other humans!”

It’s a touching reminder of the power of music, and the generosity of those musicians who are able to share it.

The cellist on that occasion is a Maryland native, and has been a member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra since 1985. Low is also the principal cellist of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra.