The time two musicians played Star Wars outside John Williams’ house… and had a great surprise

7 February 2024, 21:59 | Updated: 7 February 2024, 22:14

These two musicians played 'Star Wars' outside John Williams' house

By Kyle Macdonald

Two young brass players got the most wonderful surprise, when a spontaneous homage to their musical hero turned into a once-in-a-lifetime meeting.

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Trumpeter Bryce Hayashi and flugel player Mickle Miller had a musical hero. Both were huge fans of movie music great John Williams.

The great composer’s incredible scores have long made him a favourite of musicians around the world – and in particular brass players, owing to his trademark fanfares and punchy, dramatic writing for the section.

John Williams, who turns 92 on 8 February 2024, is known to be one of the nicest and most humble people in the music business. But how did the great composer react when he realised there were some young fans on the street outside his Los Angeles home? Watch above.

Star Wars Finale! Orchestra plays with organist Anna Lapwood | Classic FM Live

“This is what happened when two horn players made a spontaneous decision to set up and play the Star Wars theme in front of John Williams' house on 11 July 2016,” said the caption on the video. “John Williams, the master himself, comes out to greet us.”

It’s certainly a moment that Bryce and Mickle will never forget.

This week, the great composer won his 26th Grammy Award for the score he wrote for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. He has also clocked up a record 54 Academy Award nominations, with his five wins, making him the most Oscar-nominated person alive.

But despite all those honours and glittering fame, John Williams still has the time and grace to pop out and say hello to two musicians who love his music.

It all just goes to show, maybe you should follow you heart and make that intrepid and loving gesture towards a hero in your life. Especially when that hero is as consummate a human as John Williams.