The Harry Potter theme, but in the style of a Rachmaninov Etude

24 October 2018, 21:41 | Updated: 26 April 2019, 10:04

By Kyle Macdonald

John Williams' Hedwig’s Theme transformed into a virtuosic piano masterpiece

What if Sergei Rachmaninov thundered away at a piano in Hogwarts? The Harry Potter music would probably have sounded something like this.

Pianist, YouTuber and general musical alchemist, Alexander Norden has taken John Williams’ beloved Harry Potter music (Hedwig’s Theme) and reworked it in the style of a étude by the great Russian composer-pianist.

Here's a taste, played by Leiki Ueda (watch his fell version here)

UK-based Alexander is a physics student who spends all his spare time creating music. We are slightly in awe. You can visit Alexander's website here, and also find more of his musical creations On YouTube. And he says, if you want the score, email him!

And you now you know the score, you probably want it played. Here's Alexander again: