Vivaldi - A Tale of Two Seasons

A fine collection from La Serenissima under their founder Adrian Chandler. Album of the Week, 29 July 2013.

This new album from La Serenissima continues their in-depth exploration of the music of Vivaldi, this time focussing on two periods of his composing life 16 years apart.

A Tale of Two Seasons explores the music he wrote for the two Venetian operatic seasons of 1717 and 1733, works that compare and contrast the Vivaldi's development - from an eager young man to the older, more worldly-wise composer who learned how to appeal to the fashions of the day. There are fascinating operatic moments as well as a tantalising selection of the violin concertos that were commonly played between acts in the opera.

As to be expected from this brilliant ensemble, the music is played with brilliant accuracy, panache and passion.