Il Progetto Vivaldi 3 - Sol Gabetta

The world's most popular cellist uncovers unknown Baroque concertos. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 14 October 2013.

Cellist Sol Gabetta is the world's best-selling female cellist - and it's not surprising. She is a brilliant musician and has great stage presence.

For this album, she has once again got together with her baroque music ensemble Cappella Gabetta, founded by her and her brother Andrés Gabetta. Here are three beautiful cello concertos by Vivaldi but also breathtaking baroque cello concertos which have been rarely recorded and heard before. One, by Fortunato Chelleri, is a world premiere recording.

The three concertos were hidden in an archive in a Bavarian castle and were discovered when Gabetta was looking for interesting new repertoire.The works were commissioned by the Duke of Schloss Wiesentheid who played the cello and commissioned works from Italian composers.

A fascinating album with stunning new music to discover and marvellous musicianship.