Four stars for Vivaldi's Four Seasons

In a market as saturated as a British summer, Dutch violinist Janine Jansen brings a short burst of spring-like freshness to Vivaldi

Composer: Vivaldi
Repertoire: The Four Seasons
Artists: Janine Jansen (violin), et al
Rating: 4/5 
Genre: Orchestral
Label: Decca 475 6188

With nearly 100 different versions currently available, you would have thought that record companies, soloists and public would have had enough of The Four Seasons. This version, however, is different with the orchestra pared down to single instruments and the solo part played stunningly well by this wonderful young Dutch violinist. The result is a zesty, vivid and colourful performance of great individuality and distinction. One big minus: the entire disc lasts just 39 minutes.