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wolfgang amadeus mozart

Mozart symphonies: where to start

Did Salieri poison Mozart

Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

Mozart flute duet

These two music students played a duet for flute and piano… but not in the way you expect

Mozart counterpoint analysis

The awe-inspiring counterpoint in Mozart's final symphony, explained in one video

bass long note mozart

The breath control in this astonishing bass solo will make your diaphragm hurt

Evan Le piano

Watch adorable five-year-old Evan Le flawlessly perform Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 8

conduct us

Random New Yorkers were invited to conduct this orchestra on a street corner

amadeus peter shaffer

This scene from Amadeus proves what an incredible, musical mind its writer was

Hall of Fame news story 2016

The Lark Ascending reaches the top of the Classic FM Hall of Fame for the third year in a row

whistling queen of the night aria

This man flawlessly WHISTLES one of the hardest operatic arias

Beethoven portrait

These five pieces have never reached No.1 in the Classic FM Hall of Fame – but you could change that

mozart salieri opera together

Listen to the piece written together by 'arch-rivals' Mozart and Salieri

Mozart Rudolf Buchbinder

Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 20 & 21 - Rudolf Buchbinder

Mozart Facebook Asset

If composers had Facebook: Mozart's profile

foetus singing mozart

Does this video show a foetus singing along to Mozart?

mozart letter auction

Rare and revealing Mozart letter fetches $217k at auction

Jane Jones with Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne G

Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne play Mozart's Rondo alla Turca

Alistair McGowan

Alistair McGowan – on wrestling with Bach, returning to the piano and playing billiards with Mozart