Rogé's exquisite feel for Debussy

Pascal Rogé's unimpeachable recording of Debussy's ground-breaking Préludes is rich in feeling and daring - essential listening

Composer: Debussy
Repertoire: Préludes, Books I & II (complete)
Artists: Pascal Rogé (piano)
Rating:  5/5 
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Onyx 4004

With the declaration that ‘music is principally made up of colours and rhythms’, Debussy set to work on the first of two books of Préludes for solo piano. The 24 ground-breaking microcosms that resulted have found some of the very greatest pianists wanting, yet are played by Rogé with such an exquisite feeling for phrase, timbre, rhythmic flexibility and harmonic daring, that you really can’t imagine them any other way. The recording is unimpeachable.