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Chopin and Rachmaninov piano mashup

Pianist melts together Chopin and Rachmaninov in virtuosic display of musicality

When a grand piano string explodes...

When your Chopin is so virtuosic that a grand piano string explodes.

What if Chopin had written ‘Happy Birthday’?

What if Chopin had written ‘Happy Birthday’?

Musician plays Chopin ‘Waterfall’ Etude while paddling in water

Smarty-pants musician plays Chopin’s ‘Waterfall’ Étude while paddling in water

Gorgeous composers

12 composers who were total heart-throbs in their 20s

Impromptu Hugh Grant Chopin Julian Sands Liszt

The time Hugh Grant starred as Chopin in a delightfully awkward film

Most people can’t match the composers’ face to the music – can you?

Most people can’t match the composer’s face to the music – can you?

Clara Schumann, Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms

Romantic composers brought back to life in artist’s hyperrealistic 3D portraits

A visual artist has created a 3D rendering of Frédéric Chopin’s face

Chopin’s face is brought to life in artist’s incredible 3D portraits

Broken piano new

A pianist’s grand piano broke on stage, and she dealt with it in the best way.

Listening to classical music will help students learn, says new study.

Chopin and Beethoven helps students pass exams, classical music study reveals

Chopin Beethoven 5

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony reworked in the style of Chopin is absolutely exquisite

Adrien Brody stars in biographical war film, The Pianist

The Pianist: what’s the music, is it a true story and did Adrien Brody really play the piano?

Valentina Irlando on Instagram

Teenage pianist with rare muscle disease is showing music’s power with incredible Chopin videos

Chopin from Raymond Feng

A pianist accurately transcribed their frustrating Chopin practice session.

Finchcocks, Kent

‘I went on an intensive Chopin piano weekend – and here’s what I learned’

Winnie the Pooh Chopin

This pianist found the Winnie the Pooh theme tune, hidden deep in a Chopin Nocturne

One handed piano Chopin

This pianist can text, play chess and lift weights at the same time as playing virtuosic Chopin