What if Chopin had written ‘Happy Birthday’?

1 March 2021, 16:54

This pianist has created an improvisation on ‘Happy Birthday’, in the style of Frédéric Chopin – and it’s brilliantly accurate.

If you know and love Chopin’s music for solo piano, you’ll recognise that signature style: heavy rubato and independent finger technique, with improvisation at the heart.

And this Chopin-style reimagining of ‘Happy Birthday’ totally nails the familiar feel of the Romantic composer’s music.

Beginning in B flat minor, the improvisation gains a flat and moves into E flat minor when the simple ‘Happy Birthday’ tune emerges. It then moves into 4/4 time, before moving into E flat major for a heavily improvised middle section, then back to E flat minor (Chopin loved a good key or time sig. change).

Genius pianist plays ‘Happy Birthday’ in the style of Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Bach AND Mozart

The pianist also incorporates octave marks, rallentando and accelerando markings, and a brilliantly characterful passage in 3/2 time, in which the right-hand part is made up solely of triplets.

Basically, it’s all very clever and genuinely could’ve been written by the man himself.

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'Happy Birthday' was improvised by Edoardo Brotto, and transcribed by Alexander Norden. You can buy the sheet music from Alexander by emailing him at nordenalexander@gmail.com.