Most shared Chopin features

Warren Mailley-Smith memorises Chopin

How did one guy memorise Chopin’s entire piano works – all 3.5 MILLION notes?

Composers' pianos

10 incredible photos of composers’ original pianos

Evan Le and Chopin

Watch this awesome 5-year-old play Chopin's Minute Waltz like it's nbd

Chopin Funeral March backwards

Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’ played backwards sounds bizarrely psychedelic

blindfolded pianist

Young pianist plays a fiendish Chopin Etude while BLINDFOLDED

Policeman plays Chopin Nocturne

93-year-old man gets burgled, policeman visits and plays his favourite Chopin Nocturne

left hand piano Chopin etude

Pianist plays an entire Chopin Etude with his left hand, and absolutely kills it

Frederic Chopin

We now know for sure what killed Chopin, study reveals

Sviatoslav Richter plays piano

Sviatoslav Richter plays Chopin so fast you can barely see his fingers

Chopin marimba duo

Watch a Chopin Prelude performed on two marimbas *by identical twins*

Piano a la Chopin

This pianist composed a scherzo in the style of Chopin and it’s staggeringly good

New releases 12th June

New Releases: Bach with Zhu Xiao-Mei and Emmanuel Despax plays Chopin

new releases 24th april

New releases: Mozart In Havana & Ivana Gavric plays Chopin

New Releases 20th Feb

New Releases: Richard Harvey's Kyrie and The Four Seasons with Francesco Grillo

chopin minute waltz timer

Chopin's 'Minute Waltz' played in under a minute sounds unsurprisingly terrible

6th New Releases

New Releases: Tchaikovsky with the LPO and Pollini plays Chopin

Chopin two pianos

This pianist can play Chopin on two pianos better than most people can on one