Most shared Chopin features

Winnie the Pooh Chopin

This pianist found the Winnie the Pooh theme tune, hidden deep in a Chopin Nocturne

One handed piano Chopin

This pianist can text, play chess and lift weights at the same time as playing virtuosic Chopin

Lang Lang performing at The Global Awards 2019 with

Watch Lang Lang perform some incredibly virtuosic Chopin at The Global Awards

Chopin with a hammer

This guy is using a hammer to play Chopin – and we’re not really sure why

101-year-old playing Chopin

Life goals: this pianist plays Chopin on her 101st birthday

Rachmaninov to Schumann

We tried putting composers’ names into Google Translate – and here’s what happened

Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu - 11-year-old pianist

11-year-old kid plays Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu from memory, with stunning technique

Chopin by Sasha Boldachev

Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu played on harp is just extraordinarily good

Composers and biscuits

Someone is comparing composers to biscuits – and the results are hilarious

Pianist plays Chopin in the Himalayas

A pianist just played a Chopin concert in the Himalayas at 5,000 metres

Warren Mailley-Smith memorises Chopin

How did one guy memorise Chopin’s entire piano works – all 3.5 MILLION notes?

Composers' pianos

10 incredible photos of composers’ original pianos

Evan Le and Chopin

Watch this awesome 5-year-old play Chopin's Minute Waltz like it's nbd

Chopin Funeral March backwards

Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’ played backwards sounds bizarrely psychedelic

blindfolded pianist

Young pianist plays a fiendish Chopin Etude while BLINDFOLDED

Policeman plays Chopin Nocturne

93-year-old man gets burgled, policeman visits and plays his favourite Chopin Nocturne

left hand piano Chopin etude

Pianist plays an entire Chopin Etude with his left hand, and absolutely kills it