Sheku Kanneh-Mason took his cello in for a service – and we went along

8 June 2018, 15:27

By Elizabeth Davis

What happens when your cello needs the equivalent of a check-up? You take it to one of the world's top violin and cello makers and restorers.

When cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason realised the sound post in his cello needed adjusting, he picked up the phone to Florian Leonhard.

The cello Sheku plays on was made in 1610 by a member of the Amati family, who lived in Cremona in the 17th century. So when something needs fixing or tweaking on it, you need to take it to one of best.

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Florian Leonhard is a violin maker, restorer and dealer. And he's one of the world's very best.

After listening to Sheku play on the cello, Florian delicately adjusted the sound post using a long metal tool. And you can really hear the difference – and see Sheku's huge grin as soon as he puts bow to string.