André Rieu's Christmas concert to broadcast in cinemas

UK cinema audiences will be able to experience a brand new tour of André's castle, along with an interactive Q & A session.

André Rieu fans will be able to gear up for the festive season with a screening of his Home for Christmas Concert in cinemas across the UK and Ireland. After spectacular demand last year, the concerts are being screened once more - with the addition of a tour of the castle.

“I would never be away from my family around Christmas – especially now since I can enjoy the glowing faces of my grandchildren and their excitement when they see the Christmas tree and the gifts waiting underneath," André said. "I travel around the world for the whole year working hard to bring music and joy to my audiences and fans but I am always home for Christmas.”

He added: "I am looking forward to giving cinema audiences a personal tour of my castle and showing where we filmed each of the Home for Christmas concert sequences, as well as answering many questions in a live Q&A."

The concert, broadcast in cinemas on November 24 at 3pm, will include 26 festive classics, as well as cheery Christmas anecdotes from André himself. You can book tickets through CinemaLive by visiting their website here.