floppy disk star wars

Star Wars played on 64 floppy disk drives is surprisingly pleasing

kid playing cheltenham street piano

Watch this kid perform an epic medley on a street piano

What was David Cameron humming?

So what was David Cameron actually humming?

cremaine booker black lives matter tribute

This cellist reacted to recent US shootings in the most beautiful way possible

swedish herding call soprano

A soprano performs an ancient Swedish herding call, and something magical happens

double bassist joins busking band

This tourist grabbed a double bass and unexpectedly busked an awesome jazz standard

Joyce DiDonato masterclass

5 pro tips from the amazing mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato

cello explodes in rehearsal

This guy played his cello so hard that it pretty much exploded in rehearsal

Nicola Benedetti with the National Children's Orch

These young musicians interviewing classical stars are utterly heart-warming


London Gay Men's Chorus Soho vigil

The London Gay Men’s Chorus release 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' for the victims of the Orlando shooting

Bathroom sessions

Introducing: the Classic FM Bathroom Sessions

walking piano animations

This piano uses animated figures to show musical movement, and it’s very beautiful indeed

violin drop

When your conductor gets a little too close to your priceless 17th century violin…

Nicola Benedetti Glazunov

Nicola Benedetti thinks you need the Glazunov Violin Concerto in your life - and is here to tell why

break of reality radiohead

Radiohead performed by a cello ensemble sounds just completely dreamy and intense

Pageturn fail

This epic page turn fail is your schadenfreude for the week

kid playing clementi

This tiny kid 100% nailing a virtuosic piano sonata will make you reassess your own meagre talents