Aled Jones and Malakai Bayoh

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Aled Jones and Malakai M Bayoh sing at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden

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Choir of NATO soldiers sing ‘Carol of the Bells’

NATO soldiers sing Ukrainian ‘Carol of the Bells’ in show of Christmas solidarity

Pianist plays ‘Under the Sea’ deep in the ocean

Pianist fights water pressure to play ‘Under the Sea’ beneath the waves

The Bocelli family in the Alps

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Kyiv children’s choir

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Ironworker Paul Harvey plays 'Lord of the Rings' theme on flute in abandoned tunnel

Flute player performs haunting ‘Lord of the Rings’ melody in mile-long tunnel

Orchestra’s outer space Beethoven performance leaves legendary conductor in tears

Orchestra’s outer space Beethoven performance leaves legendary conductor in tears

Yo-Yo Ma in 1962 and 2022 playing in honour of President John F. Kennedy

Yo-Yo Ma opens JFK exhibition, 60 years after he performed as a child for the late President

Pianist plays on piano properly for the first time in 20 years, with the help from bionic gloves

‘Bionic’ gloves allow injured concert pianist to play again after decades of lost dexterity

Hans Nickel and the WDR Symphony Orchestra

Jaw-droppingly nimble soloist plays virtuosic violin Czardas... on the tuba?

ENO chorus sing ‘You’ll never walk alone’ from Carousel outside the ACE London office

ENO chorus sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ outside Arts Council office as 300 jobs at risk