Filipino soprano Lara Maigue casually sings amazing Mozart

Singer casually gives astonishing karaoke performance of Mozart’s fiendish ‘Queen of the Night’ aria

Verdi from English National Opera and Paul Daniel

Operatic chorus sings Verdi’s thunderous ‘Anvil Chorus’, raising the Royal Albert Hall roof

Beibei Wang plays Tan Dun

Percussionist turns water into a solo musical instrument in an extraordinary concerto

Charlie Puth: piano major, Rachmaninov fan and jazz improvisor.

Yes, Charlie Puth has perfect pitch. He’s also a piano major who loves Rachmaninov and jazz

Seokyoung Hong performs with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition.

This 15-year-old’s searing Rachmaninov just won him the 2023 Cliburn Junior Piano Competition

Very big violin takes three people to play it

The world’s biggest violin needs three people to play it – and it sounds epic and thunderous

John Williams conducts surprise ‘Indiana Jones’ at US film premiere

John Williams emerges from behind curtain, to conduct surprise ‘Indiana Jones’ at US premiere

Double bassist Luis Cabrera plays the ‘Prelude’ from Bach’s Cello Suite No.1

Double bassist plays Bach’s Suite No.1 for solo cello – and it sounds utterly glorious


Opera star’s tongue-twisting ‘Figaro’ aria blows Royal Albert Hall roof off

Even after fainting from heatstroke, the soldier attempted to continue playing the trombone after he had collapsed

A trombonist fainted during the King’s birthday parade rehearsal, got up – and tried to play on

This is what a 12,000-year-old bone flute may have sounded like

Archaeologists uncover tiny 12,000-year-old flutes which mimic the piercing calls of prehistoric birds

T-Rex conducts symphony orchestra in an ultra-realistic performance of ‘Jurassic Park’

Conductor leads full orchestra in ‘Jurassic Park’ theme – dressed as a tiny-armed T-Rex

Esther Abrami Angela Morley HER Ensemble

Esther Abrami and HER Ensemble play Angela Morley’s heavenly ‘Rêverie’ in celebration of Pride Month

Yellowstone National Park seismic activity transformed into a mesmerising flute solo, performed by Dr Alyssa Schwartz.

Scientist transforms volcanic vibrations at Yellowstone park into a hypnotic flute solo

Solo cellist plays Bach prelude as rain falls on church steps in mesmerising video

Solo cellist plays Bach Prelude as rain lashes on historic temple steps

Malakai Bayoh sings ‘Caruso’ in Britain’s Got Talent final

Malakai Bayoh sings operatic song ‘Caruso’ with shining high notes in Britain’s Got Talent final

Malakai Bayoh on Britain’s Got Talent

Treble Malakai Bayoh reduces judges to tears with ‘divine’ Puccini aria on Britain’s Got Talent