Nadine Sierra

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Youth orchestra expertly trolls car company who made fun of young musicians in TV advert

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“Jazz On A Balcony” In Odesa Amid Russia's Invasion In Ukraine

Odesa missile strike halts balcony concert at beloved Ukrainian jazz club

Yaroslav Korolev plays in the destroyed Palace of Labour

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Lizzo joined the cast of Saturday Night Live this weekend

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Russian pianist, Alexei Lubimov, defied Moscow authorities by continuing to play

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Shchedryk Children’s Choir

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Jacob Collier turns his audience into a choir

Incredible moment Jacob Collier turns his entire concert audience into a choir

Musicians rush to take shelter after an air raid siren interrupts their concert

Ukrainian orchestra rushes inside as air raid siren disperses open-air concert in Lviv

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Engineer fills his piano with water and climbs inside it like a swimming pool

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A musical genius has combined famous classical composers in one mash-up

Chopstix, the talking piano from Edelweiss

Self-playing piano can speak English, sing and play the world’s most fiendish melodies

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Kharkiv residents soothed by classical music in underground festival as war continues in Ukraine