Muso cat tries to play piano, keeps forgetting it literally hates the sound

5 June 2020, 15:04

Cat tries to play the piano but keeps forgetting it doesn't like the sound
Cat tries to play the piano but keeps forgetting it doesn't like the sound. Picture: TikTok / erinlavigueur

By Sian Moore

Unfortunately, there’s no cat-certos over here…

For most people, the first time touching a piano key is a special moment. Moving, even.

But for one inquisitive moggy, the sound of a grand just wasn’t quite what the doctor ordered.

Sat upon the piano stool, tail swishing ferociously in anticipation, this catto decided it was finally time to discover what the big, brown object in the corner of the room – which the hoomans were *always* standing around – actually did.

And as its little furry paw courageously swipes at one of the keys, it appears quite taken aback with the result (watch below).

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It hadn’t expected the object to make a noise. But that doesn’t stop the four-legged pianist having another go. And then another.

Clearly perturbed by the unexpected note, the catto has a good sniff of the keyboard and even glances around the room, as if in search of an answer.

Though rather short and sporadic, the cat’s performance still receives a warm round of applause from its owners. One of the audience members even gushes “beautiful”.

After a few more attempts, we could have a moggy maestro in the making. Practice makes purrfect, after all.