Putting your instrument in your pants is now a meme, because the world is ending

22 August 2019, 17:30

Instruments in pants
Instruments in pants. Picture: Instagram

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Someone has set up an Instagram account which only posts photos of people with musical instruments down their trousers. We can’t tell you why.

People are putting their musical instruments down their trousers, and we’re not sure where to look.

The Instagram page, affectionately named instrumentsinmypants, asks followers to ‘please send pictures of your instruments in your pants, I think it’s hilarious’.

So far, we’ve had...

  1. An enormous sousaphone

    Guess it keeps the slides warm.

  2. A saxophone

    Well, you won’t be able to play ‘Baker Street’ like that.

  3. A beautiful contrabass clarinet

    Some would say he has... big reed energy (sorry).

  4. A baritone marching horn

    Nice and snug.

  5. A bassoon

    How is it staying upright??

  6. Some classroom percussion

    Everyone loves the rainstick.

  7. A viola, a recorder and two drumsticks

    Elasticated denim = essential.

  8. And an entire double bass.

    Hats off to a very committed bunch of musos. Now go and tune your instruments...