All the video game music used at the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony

23 July 2021, 15:30 | Updated: 23 July 2021, 20:59

All the video game music used at the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony
All the video game music used at the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony. Picture: Nintendo / Square Enix

By Emma Clarke

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have been scaled back because of the pandemic, but the opening ceremony was certainly one to remember!

Not only did it commence with the usual flag procession, the spectacle included energetic dance routines, light displays, Japanese traditions and, of course, music - including some...familiar tunes.

As well as playing the hosting country's national anthem, organisers included the official song for this year's Games: 'Colourful' by a chorus of J-Pop artists, and a selection of video game scores.

Indeed, Japan has a long and celebrated history when it comes to video games, producing some of the most popular titles in the world.

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From Final Fantasy to Sonic the Hedgehog - here's every video game score that was featured in the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony...

1. Dragon Quest

  • 'Overture: Roto's Theme'

2. Final Fantasy

  • 'Victory Fanfare'
  • 'Main Theme'

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3. The Tales series

  • 'Sorey’s Theme - The Shepherd'
  • 'Royal Capital'

4. Monster Hunter

  • 'Proof of Hero'
  • 'Wind of Departure'

5. Kingdom Hearts

  • 'Olympus Coliseum'
  • 'Hero’s Fanfare'

6. Chrono Trigger

  • 'Frog's Theme'
  • 'Robo's Theme'

7. Ace Combat

  • 'First Flight'

8. Sonic the Hedgehog

  • 'Starlight Zone'

9. Winning Eleven

  • 'eFootball Walk-On Theme'

10. Phantasy Star Universe

  • 'Guardians'

11. Gradius

  • '01 Act 1-1'

12. NierR

  • 'Initiator'

13. Saga Series

  • 'Makai Ginyu Poetry Saga Series Medley 2016'

14. SoulCalibur

  • 'The Brave New Stage of History'

Fans have since flooded social media with praise.

One viewer wrote: "Playing Frog's theme at the Olympics... I'm validated"

Another added: "Definitely hearing Starlight Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog playing at the #OpeningCeremony Love that! #Olympics."