8 incredible classical buskers with mind-blowing talent

The streets are full of the sounds of the instruments and voices of buskers. Many are fine musicians - but occasionally there's a very rare talent that utterly blows everyone away.

1. Liszt played on wine glasses

This is Liszt's La campanella as you've never heard it before… we take our collective hat off to you, sir.


2. Two accordions absolutely nail Bach

The sound that these two are able to make (without breaking a sweat or a smile, we should add) is as majestic as any pipe organ. Listen to them take on the might of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.


3. Devon's poetic nyckelharpa

It's one of those brilliant stories – Griselda Sanderson was busking on her traditional 16-string Swedish instrument when T. S. Eliot Prize-winning poet Alice Oswald walked by.

After that, Sanderson was whisked off to perform at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall alongside Stephen Fry and Sheila Hancock as part of London Literature Festival. Just listen to her and the incredible instrument. No wonder Alice was impressed. 


4. An incredible Beethoven flash mob

An entire symphony orchestra, recreating Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ in a square filled with families and young children. Is there anything more joyous in this world?

5. Mediterranean passion on the high street 

Judging by his case, he's only made about £1.72. Come on guys, he deserves better than that... 

6. Illegal Bach in Paris

He's just standing there, playing the most difficult piece in the violin repertoire. Apparently without a permit – but there are certainly no crimes against Bach in this stunning show.

7. A solo suite outside the Pantheon

In white tie and tails, it looks like this guy has lost the rest of his orchestra. He's also raising money for a new score, it would seem. (But seriously, bravo.)

8. The amazing story of Chesterfield's so-called 'Chavarotti'

Tux or tracksuit – when you have operatic talent like this, it's of course all the same. His amazing story (and voice) went viral in 2013. Read more about him here.