A pupil’s parent helped assemble their new violin and the results were... unusual

10 January 2019, 16:24 | Updated: 10 January 2019, 16:55

By Kyle Macdonald

One music teacher revealed what happened when a parent tried to assemble a violin for their music-loving child

This image, posted by a violin teacher tickled us...

(via Facebook)
Uploaded by Tom R-W. Picture: social media

Look. Making a violin is not straight-forward. There's a reason people spend their entire lives perfecting the art. So we are completely there for this enthusiastic parent who put together their child's violin.

The only problem is they got a fairly crucial bit wrong – the strings should be on top of the wooden bridge. (Although this does beg the question – what are the holes in the bridge for anyway? This image is an eminently practical response to the raw materials the parent was provided with.)

So when you think about it, a parent – who might not have detailed experience of string instruments – is encouraging their child into something new. And who knows where the wonderful path of music might lead them and their child. Bravo.

Anyone who gets their kids playing music: