Emotional moment woman plays piano for 93-year-old grandfather who doesn’t remember her name

1 November 2021, 12:00

93-year-old man with Alzheimer’s is enraptured by granddaughter’s piano playing
93-year-old man with Alzheimer’s is enraptured by granddaughter’s piano playing. Picture: TikTok / @sheelaawe

By Sian Moore

Sheela Awe’s grandfather has Alzheimer’s. But when she plays his piano, he quickly takes a seat to enjoy the show.

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Music has the power to transcend many barriers, be it age or illness.

And when musician Sheela Awe took a seat at her grandfather’s piano to play Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C major, the 93-year-old, who has Alzheimer’s, couldn’t look away (watch below).

Entering the room sheepishly, he first decides to investigate where the beautiful music is coming from.

TikTok user Sheela explains that her grandfather often forgets who she is, adding in an on-screen caption: “He’s thinking ‘who is this strange lady playing my piano’.”

But as Sheela works through the Baroque composer’s moving piece, her elderly relative draws closer and closer, before finally taking a nearby seat to enjoy the live show.

Sweet moment elderly man with Alzheimer's enjoys piano performance from granddaughter

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The pianist’s grandfather even nods off while enjoying his granddaughter’s performance from his front-row seat.

But it’s clear to see the effect the heartwarming rendition has on him, from the way he closely watches Sheela play, to settling down for the full show.

Awe is even awarded an enthusiastic thumbs up from her grandfather.

“Cherish your loved ones and make each moment count,” the musician writes in an another on-screen caption. “Time is precious.”