10 things they didn’t tell you about playing piano

8 March 2017, 16:09

Lang lang piano

By Amy MacKenzie

Thinking about taking up the piano? Great, but just so you know...

1. You can't exactly take your piano anywhere you fancy

This can be a negative, and a positive.

2. Downside - you’ll never be able to practice

Other instruments can literally practice anywhere (within reason), whereas you have to wait for a room. Also, don’t even bother getting your hopes up for a practice room with a good piano, let alone one with a window.


3. Another downside - everyone expects you to be able to play every single pop song or well known piece at the drop of a hat

Piano stock photo

No pressure Steven, but everyone is counting on you.

4. You can put on an impromptu show anywhere 

Be that amazing person and dazzle on a street piano. Maybe someone will film it, and it will be your big break.

5. Aaaand another downside, you'll have to play on all sorts of instruments

Even if you're a professional.

Lang Lang plays toy piano

This one time, Lang Lang came to Classic FM and played our toy piano.

6. Beware of contrary-motion scales

Grade 1 - "This is easy... so easy it seems pointless."

Grade 8 - *chromatic contrary-motion scales*


7. You will get roped into last-minute things all the time

"You're a pianist, right? Is there any chance you just could..."

8. If playing the piano isn't for you, they make beautiful furniture

Piano bar

Image: Pinterest


9. Practicing can really take its toll...

10. At the end of the day, pianos have arguably the best repertoire in the world (and you can arrange almost any other instrument's music too) AND playing piano is super fun