Become a virtuosic pianist in just FOUR minutes

31 October 2017, 12:04 | Updated: 31 October 2017, 13:36

Watch and learn: this pianist knows how to be virtuosic at his instrument in just four minutes.

Piano technique all boils down to just two elements, Boris Giltburg says: your fingers and your back.

“Your fingers give you control in faster passages,” he explains. “Your finger is not a whole unit: it’s three independent joints. The most important bit is the point of contact between the finger and the key.”

To achieve a grand, soft sound (perhaps you want to play some of Chopin’s more epic Nocturnes), he advises to think of your shoulder blades as a ‘lever’ for your hand. The stronger the lever, the more relaxed your hands can be – so there will be no tension in your superb new playing.


So there you have it: virtuosic piano playing in just four minutes! Maybe allow yourself a few years of practice first, though…

This video was filmed and produced at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, directed by Stéphan Aubé. You can find Boris on Facebook here.